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What People Are Saying About The Employability Course:

This will help you develop your career

Steve Llewellyn, Former CEO, COURTAULDS

"After over 40 years in senior management positions , I wish many of the people I interviewed had been given the opportunity to take The Employability Course. Sam’s knowledge and experience will undoubtedly help anyone’s employment prospects and potential. I highly recommend it. "

What a great investment for career development

Caron Matthews, Former AXE Director, The Body Shop

"So much practical help, with clear and concise presentation. I found it very helpful, especially for someone who has worked for the same company for many years and perhaps needs up to date advice on how to apply for a role in a different company. Would recommend highly."

New Approach

Jess Storer, Office Manager, Penguin Recruitment

"Up until now I have mainly relied on sending the same CV to loads of companies and have met with several recruiters and sent my CV to many more. From all the time I have committed, I have had little success (a couple of unsuccessful interviews). I was starting to lose confidence, but this course has made me realise that there’s so much more that I can do. That’s really motivating because I now feel that I have regained some control. I will certainly be putting a lot more groundwork into each application and I can see how that will get me better results. I’m looking forward to our 1-2-1 so that you may be able to help me with some specific applications."

Recently Redundant

Frank Hayler, Jack of All Trades

"I was recently made redundant after being in the work force since school. I have never written a CV for any employment & felt completely overwhelmed & daunted when thinking where do I go from here, I didn’t know where to begin. I heard about this course through my daughter (who has also completed it & found it invaluable) & I am so glad that I took her advice. Sam has helped me build a CV from nothing & given me guidance regarding how to prepare myself for interviews & what information I should include or leave out. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to me, especially in these unprecedented times. "

Different Perspective

Mike Jones, Personal Trainer

"You find whilst going through an application process you only look at it from your own angle and miss so much you can do to sell yourself. This course has altered my perspective and enabled me to use the process to sell myself in multiple ways. Thanks! Will definitely recommend! "