The Employability Course for Recruiters

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If you are an employer who faces the unfortunate task of making somebody redundant, The Employability Course can offer that person the support they need to get straight back into suitable employment.

If you are an employer who runs apprenticeships, The Employability Course can be a great option for those who do not secure a full-time position and require support in moving on after their apprenticeship. For example, The Kickstart Scheme requires employers to offer employability support to each apprentice and provides funding to do so, so get in touch! 

Third Sector Organisations / Associations

If you are a third sector organisation or association whose clients could benefit from better quality careers advice and support, The Employability Course can help.

We appreciate that specific groups of people require specific types of support. However, The Employability Course offers practical advice that anybody and everybody can benefit from, regardless of their circumstances.

The Employability Course can also be customised or modified to suit specific groups if necessary, so please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss how it could benefit your clients.

Alternatively, it could be that your employees or volunteers would benefit from The Employability Course, which will enable them to offer better quality career advice and support to their clients.

Schools / Colleges / Universities

If you are an educational institution that continuously strives to improve the level of career advice and support that you offer your students, The Employability Course can help add value to your existing provision.

Book a free consultation now to discuss how The Employability Course can complement the existing support that you offer.

Consultation services are also available for employers who wish to improve their recruitment processes to attract better talent. Focuses include:

  • How to best utilise Recruitment Agencies

  • How to write effective job adverts

  • How to write effective job descriptions

  • How to structure the interview process

  • How to organise and analyse applications

  • How to keep applicants engaged

  • How to prevent unsuitable applications

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